Roadtrip Detour: Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay

stone wood brewery byron bay

Visiting craft breweries became a bit of a habit for us on our east coast roadtrip. First up, it was Murrays Craft Brewing Co in Port Stephens, and today I’m going to tell you about our quick pitstop at Stone & Wood in Byron Bay.

Stone & Wood was born and raised in Byron, and very proud of it. We visited their original brewery in the industrial part of town, home to their cellar door and tasting room. In 2014, at the ripe old age of 6, they had grown too big for their boots and had to open another brewery about 45 minutes north of Byron. Now the only brewing that happens in Byron is exclusively for their special release beers. Fancy.

At the Byron brewery, they run tours twice daily and we rocked up right on time for the 11am start. Maybe it was the earlier time of day, but we were the only people there and had the whole place to ourselves. In my opinion, it’s never too early for beer when you’re on holidays, so we started with a schooner of the Garden Ale before a quick whip around the brewery and a tasting of 5 of their beers – all for $10.

Of course, my favourite was their limited release Cloud Catcher, which is no longer available. However, a close second would have to be their Garden Ale – and the good news is that it’s part of their core range and available all year round. Easy drinking and perfect for those summer nights spent drinking on the balcony with friends.

If you’re a beer drinker and in the area, drop by the brewery and say hi to the Stone & Wood boys. They are super friendly and more than happy to talk beer and Byron with anyone that comes in.

You can find them at 4 Boronia Place in Byron Bay, or on facebook and instagram.

– Bec x

stone wood brewery byron bay

stone wood brewery byron bay

stone wood brewery byron bay

stone wood brewery byron bay

stone wood brewery byron bay


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