Inexplicable Wanderlust

Inexplicable Wanderlust is a lifestyle, food and travel blog that started as a collection of travel stories – a way for friends and family to know where I was in the world when I wasn’t at home. With a change of pace came a change of theme. Travel is still very much part of my life, but I spend most of my time kickin’ it in my hometown Canberra and loving every second.

– Bec x


Bec is the blogger behind Inexplicable Wanderlust. She has an expensive soy cap habit and a succulent obsession despite killing her first cactus. She is a vegetarian and enjoys spending afternoons in quiet cafes. She likes all things ironic and wishes she had more patience for meditation. Above all, she loves to travel and wherever it is that you are going, she wants to go there too.

You can also catch Bec on facebookinstagram or pinterest.

Guest Authors


Steven is Bec’s brother. He drives a 1960s Holden Torana and a 1980s Brumby ute. He only likes good movies, especially those written and directed by Tarantino, and enjoys all 90s pop culture references. A self taught guitarist, Steven likes to create, whether it’s making movies or writing music. Other times he can be found sitting in a cafe with his sister doing research for their next Canberra Cafes blog post.



  1. Hi Bec

    You have a great blog. Super down to earth and fun. I also have a mild addiction to soy cappuccinos!

    My partner and I established Canberra’s first cold pressed juice company and we would love to explore ways we can collaborate.

    If you are interested we could send you some juice to try, share and review.

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Lucianne,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I’m always excited to hear from fellow soy cap addicts! As well as local Canberrans who are doing something new and different.

      I’ve been following you on instagram for a while, but I still haven’t had the chance to try your juices yet. I would absolutely love the opportunity to support such a great local company through my blog.

      I will send you an email via your website to discuss further.

      Thanks so much!

      Bec x

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