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Canberra Coffee: Two Before Ten

canberra coffee two before ten

With so many great cafes and some pretty top notch coffee roasters, there really is no excuse for bad coffee in this town.

If you follow me on instagram, you might’ve seen that I attended the 2015 Eat Drink Blog Conference the week before last. It was a weekend full of new friends, blogging tips and tricks, and all of the food, showing off some of the best in Canberra’s cafe, restaurant and bar scene.

Our final activity on the Sunday landed me at Two Before Ten in Aranda for a coffee roasting experience and some lunch. Two Before Ten is one of those top notch coffee roasters doing great things for Canberra’s coffee culture.

We met Jake, the in-house roaster at Two Before Ten, and he took us through the process of roasting coffee. Through the small glass window of the machine, we watched on as the beans went from pale green to that delicious coffee colour and Jake gave us the low down on how it all works.

The Two Before Ten premises in Aranda, however, are not only for roasting. They also have a great cafe that serves up a pretty mean toastie. After the coffee roast was complete, we were treated to lunch and gifted a bag of the freshly roasted beans to take home. As a result, my home brewed coffee game has been seriously good this week.

Whether you’re after coffee made by a barista or your own to take home and brew yourself, Two Before Ten has you covered.

Located at the Aranda shops (68 Bandjalong Crescent, Aranda), you can also drink their coffee at these local establishments or find them on facebook and instagram.

– Bec x

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten

canberra coffee two before ten


Buy Local: Capital Region Farmers Market


For me, weekend mornings are usually best enjoyed from the comfort of my cozy bed, probably drinking coffee and catching up on my favourite magazines.

While these cozy little moments have become even more important during the winter months, I’ve also been meaning to get out to one of the farmers markets for a while now and this weekend threw up the perfect opportunity.

Some of you will already know that I write a weekly food column for Canberra website, The RiotACT. My latest article took me out to the Capital Region Farmers Market at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC), all in the name of research.

Being up unusually early for a Saturday morning Matt and I hadn’t eaten yet, so we went straight for a couple of pastries from the Bread Nerds stall and some warm milky goodness from Real Chai.

We then spent the rest of the morning wandering the market stalls taste testing as much as we could. We bought some delicious local goodies home with us – marinated olives, winter strawberries, chai tea and a variety of fresh veg. My favourite buy of the day however, was a gorgeous bunch of kale flowers.

If you’re into buying local, it doesn’t get much better than a farmers market. In Canberra the Capital Region Farmers Market definitely delivers the goods and is certainly worth giving up a cozy Saturday morning in bed.

The Capital Region Farmers Market are open every Saturday from 7.30 to 11.30am at EPIC (on the corner of Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue). You can also find them on facebook, twitter and instagram.

– Bec x











Buy Local: The Fix Cold Pressed Juice, Autumn 2015

The Fix Juice

You might remember a while back I wrote about local Canberra company, The Fix, and all of the delicious cold pressed juices in their summer range.

Since then, the team behind The Fix have been busy. On top of developing a new range of autumn juices, they have also opened up their shopfront in Fyshwick and launched Canberra’s very first cold pressed juice vending machine in the Canberra Centre.


Owners, Lucianne and Jovan, are an innovative pair, their passion for the cold pressed method and their commitment to producing a high quality product really shines through in everything they do. With these two behind it, I’m not surprised The Fix is smashing it in the local Canberra scene.

The Fix Juice

After such a kick ass summer range, I was super keen to get my hands on their new stuff for autumn. This time around they introduced some pretty obscure superfoods and I was excited to taste them all – have you ever tried cactus in a juice?

Here’s my verdict on the autumn range:

Regenerate – maqui berry, orange, beetroot, carrot, green apple, pear



Out of all the juice’s in the autumn range, Regenerate has got to be the ultimate crowd pleaser. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to taste – it’s light, fresh and sweet. Even those who don’t normally like vegetables in their juice will enjoy this little number.

I’m a big fan of berries and if this juice is anything to go by, I particularly like the macqui berry. Rich in this magic little thing known as antioxidants, the macqui berry is super delicious while also making your insides smile.

Revitalising Cleanse – moringa, kale, wheatgrass, celery, romaine, cucumber, green apple, pear



For a green juice, Revitalising Cleanse is surprisingly refreshing. Despite being packed full of dark leafy greens, including the more unusual “moringa”, this juice still manages to be light and sweet in taste.

The apple and pear nicely balance out the dark leafy greens, but the best part of this juice has to be the celery. Celery isn’t usually my fave, but it really shines in this juice and ties all the other ingredients together. If you want all the benefits of a green juice, but don’t actually like the taste of liquid lettuce, then this is the juice for you.

Radiate – camu camu, tumeric, carrot, valencia orange, ginger

The Fix - Radiate

The Fix - Radiate

It is that time of year when the seasons are changing and it seems everyone I know has a tissue permanently stuck to their face. Next time I see one of those people, I am going to tell them to drink this juice.

Radiate has all of the goodies to get you through the colder months. Camu camu isn’t something I’ve crossed paths with before, but is packed full of the good stuff, containing about 60 times the vitamin C of an orange. But it’s the tumeric and ginger that are the real heroes of this juice. They are magic for your immune system and really pack a punch.

Vital Energy – chia seeds, lucuma, almonds, cashews, dates, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, himalayan salt


Vital Energy

Vital Energy is less of a juice and more like a milk. It is creamy, nutty and a little bit sweet with just the right amount of spice.

In my opinion, the nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon really make this cashew and almond milk pop. Those spices are some of my favourite autumn flavours. I mean, nothing says autumn like a little bit of spice in my morning milk.

To top it all off, there is the sweetness of the dates and the chia seeds add a bit of ruffage. This is definitely a juice for the start of the day.

Beauty & Balance – acai berry, beetroot, spinach, celery, green apple, pear



Do not let the dark purple colour of this juice deceive you. Beauty & Balance might look like a juice heavy in beetroot flavours, but the acai berries add a lightness that takes it straight from earthy to oh so refreshing.

The Fix team have really got the balance right with this one. They are right on trend too – acai berries are pretty popular when it comes to the “superfood” scene. And if you’re wondering, it’s pronounced “ah-sahy-ee”. I once ordered an “ackai” bowl at one of those healthy cafes and was quickly corrected by almost everyone behind the counter.

Purification – chlorella, kale, parsley, spinach, romaine, cucumber, green apple, pear



This dark green juice is not to be taken lightly. With very little in the way of anything sweet, Purification is definitely not a juice for everyone.

The green apple and pear don’t do much to take the edge off the strong green leafy taste, but I happen to be right on board the green vegetable juice bandwagon.

As a vegetarian I’m often thinking about my iron levels, but I won’t have anything to worry about if I knock back one of these bad boys every now and again.

Inner Health – nopal cactus, pineapple, pear, lemon, ground cinnamon, ground vanilla



Take a moment to imagine the best pineapple juice you have ever had and then forget about it, because this juice is way better.

Pineapple is a flavour normally reserved for hot summer days only, but the inclusion of cinnamon and vanilla makes Inner Health right at home in the cooler months.

Nopal cactus is a new phenomenon to me, but I’m told it’s good for your blood and is a great source of fibre and vitamin B. I was already a big fan of succulents in my home, now I’ll have some in my juice too please.

The Fix juice range is available for purchase online, as well as in selected dispensaries around town. You can also follow the Fix on facebook and instagram.

– Bec x

Note: The juice in this post was provided by the Fix. As always, all opinions are my own.

Buy Local: The Fix Cold Pressed Juice


I have so much love for local Canberrans doing cool things. When Lucianne from the Fix, Canberra’s first cold pressed juice company, approached me to try their juice and share my thoughts, I was pretty pumped.

I met Lucianne for coffee one morning last week and was thus inducted into the world of cold pressed juice. Over a soy cap or two, Lucianne shared with me her passion for the cold pressed process, life in Canberra and travelling the world, as well as the exciting news that they are opening up a new shopfront in Fyshwick soon.

1. Define the Fix in five words.

Seasonal health in a bottle.

2. How did you get started and why?

We want to make a genuine healthy alternative available to people.


3. Why is cold pressed the best?

Simple. No heat is ever introduced during the extraction process. There is no blending. No oxidation. No preservatives. No additives. Just juice. Nothing, but the juice. Because it stays raw, you get loads more nutrients. Up to 6 times more!

4. What does buying local mean to you?

There is certainly a growing trend of buying local in Canberra. We love that! When you buy local you get a superior product. You can hold the maker accountable. You get better customer support and finally, you support your local economy. Overall, when you buy local, you are making a decision to invest in your local community, into people you see face to face. I think that is special.


5. What do you love about living in Canberra?

Canberra is not like other cities. It is more like a big village. Everyone is connected and happy to lend a hand. A community of people with a growing entrepreneurial spirit.

6. What was the last place you travelled? Describe it in three words.

Micronesia – Tropical hidden paradise.


Lucianne and her partner in life and in business, Jovan, have carved out their own piece of juice heaven in the local Canberra market. I’m most excited for the upcoming opening of their new shopfront in Fyshwick. You can follow the Fix on facebook and instagram for updates.

After my soy cap date with Lucianne, I came home with a box of the new summer range, ready to get my Fix and get my tastebuds around some of their unusual flavour combinations – tomato, watermelon and strawberry, anyone?

I spent my weekend taking photos of their cute new packaging and slurping down all of the juices. After all those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, I literally bounced out of bed this morning.

Overall, the seven juices in the summer range are pretty flippin’ delicious. I particularly love that being a seasonal range, the produce is local, fresh and their fruit and veg combinations are pretty inventive – I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had rockmelon in a juice before.

Here is what I thought:

Grow – filtered water, cashews, almonds, mixed berries, agave


This cashew almond milky goodness is one of my faves. Grow is just the right amount of sweet and the perfect balance of nutty. It is the perfect juice for a mid-week breakfast on the run, a late weekend morning lazing about in bed or even a little sweet treat for after dinner.

Glow – valencia oranges, carrots, lime, turmeric, ginger


This little number is all about healthy glowing skin and is my pick of the summer range. Glow is sweet, bitter and a little bit spicy all at the same time. I can see myself starting every day with a little pick me up in the form of this juice.

Energise – rockmelon, beetroot, cucumber, zucchini


Energise is my new workout friend. This dark purple juice is rich and earthy, but still surprisingly light and refreshing. I could easily smash one of these before a sweaty summer gym sesh or sip it slowly by the pool after an early morning run.

Elevate – tomato, watermelon, strawberry


Elevate is a juice that just screams health. It is both sweet and savoury at the same time, with an unusual but yet completely addictive flavour. I drank the entire juice in about 5 seconds flat and found myself slurping an empty bottle in the hope a little extra might appear.

Optimise – filtered water, pineapple, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper


Just like the bright yellow colour suggests, this juice is light, refreshing and oh so zesty. It starts off sweet and ends with a real kick in the tastebuds. Optimise is the perfect anytime, anywhere juice.

Detox – rockmelon, cucumber, zucchini, celery, romaine, parsley


If health had a taste, this juice would be it. Detox is a dark green juice that will make your insides smile. The rockmelon gives it just the right amount of sweet, taking the edge off all those healthy greens and making it taste real good.

Hydrate – honeydew melon, cucumber, zucchini, celery


With a hint of sweetness, Hydrate is light, refreshing and super tasty. It’s thirst quenching goodness made it the ultimate partner for an afternoon walk with my dog, Leo. We stopped for a few cuddles along the way, but Leo seemed way more interested in the delicious juice I was slurping down.

The Fix juice range is available for purchase online, as well as in selected dispensaries around town. Keep an eye out for their new shopfront opening soon in Fyshwick and just get your mouth around their juice. It is seriously good.

– Bec x

Note: The juice in this post was provided by the Fix. As always, all opinions are my own.